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I'm a hobbyist coder and animator for FillyGamez and various other projects, including my opus magni, PixelShy. At the moment I'm updating at with some Flash goodiness if you are interested.
Recently, I got a note from one of my Watchers asking about PixelShy. I decided to put it here for all to see. Thank you muffyderp!

Hi DracoBlair,
Stumbled across your game in EqD, looking very slick with that animated intro and the excellent VAs you've roped into it!

I have played all the minigames in your gallery related to PixelShy and I like them. I wish to support your work, and the VAs that worked on it. Before that tho, I have a few questions about PixelShy:

1) Is it going to be a Flash game with minigames?
2) It is going to be a cross between the Sims and Petz/Catz/Nintendogs?
3) How long have you been working on it?
4) How long do you plan to work on it for it to be more or less completed?
5) What exactly does 1/4 mean in the intro?

On another topic, I stumbled upon your DetectiveBot game and am having fun trying to complete it. I am looking for these type of pony point and click games, and initially thought PixelShy is going to be one of them.


Hello there, MuffyDerp!

    I'm glad you liked it and thanks for considering supporting the project. Truth be told, I'm not doing this for money and plan to send all the donations to the various Voice Actors helping with the project anyway. At the moment, I still do not have a patreon account, so you might consider donating straight to them in the amount you see fit. I'd love it if you actually noted it's for their work on PixelShy as it might actually speed things up!

    To answer your questions, PixelShy is developed 100% in Flash with dynamically downlodable content so it will not kill the machine loading 200Mbs of data at a time. Instead, it will load chunks of data progressively, prioritising files for current activities, like additional songs for Shake Your Tail, one of the many minigames.

    The Sims' strenght lies in numbers and character interaction. In PixelShy, the player will assist Shy in (almost) everything she does, but it's not the level of complexity Maxis' game offers. The few minutes I glimpsed at Petz makes me think PixelShy will definitely be more complex, though I do take into account I haven't seen too much of the former and it may be more advanced than I thuoght. Think of it as a Tamagochi with an AI and cute. Lots of cute.

    I have been working on PixelShy since June, it seems it should take AT LEAST six more months until it's fairly completed, however I need to give myself a buffer for the intro/outro/inter animations, which might cause it to be longer. Hopefully, it will be released before S5 ends and will be fun to play for >months< afterwards. Do mind I am the only person working on it, not counting the lovely VAs, and my day job tends to consume up to 15h a day (huzzah! ._. ).

    1/4 means this is actually a PART of a 5-7 minute long animation intended to be the intro. Calpain on EqD said it's the whole thing, but he was mistaken, this is just the first part, developed to encourage people, mostly VAs, to take part in the project. The next parts should be much easier to animate, though I will need to build additional assets too.

    Concerning DetectiveBot, it shares a bit of code with PixelShy, but was mostly a training ground before hopping onto the bigger project. PixelShy uses MUCH more code than DB and it is as varied as the colours on Dashie's mane. Love dem manes.

Please note that one year ago I had no idea about coding, seriously. Curse those Ponies, they drive me to learn!



PixelShy: Shake Your Tail by DracoBlair
PixelShy: Shake Your Tail
v1.4 Bugfix
v1.3 Bugfix, thanks :iconmaximussolini: !
v1.2 Rewrote keypress detection and made difficulty matter. Added highscore and volume slider. removed unnecessary features
v1.1 Changed: UI, help, ranks, speed and visuals

A minigame that will be included in PixelShy. It adds a Sound Manager and a Sound Downloader to the whole project (that's why it took so long).
Big thanks to Lex Rudera who helped me with getting the song BPMs and sampling these. You rock. Like a rock. Rock.

80% of the songs used are downloaded dynamically so you don't need to wait forever for the game to load.

Note: Lag-sensitive, please make sure you disable apps running in the background (antivirus software is a huge memory-eater). The game will TRY to optimise the arrow spawn rate, but you can always adjust it manually :)
PixelShy: Battle Clouds by DracoBlair
PixelShy: Battle Clouds
v1.6. Bugfix for Bumblebee and Cumulus, suggested by :iconelcoron:
v1.5. Got rid of the nasty bug that's been haunting the game. Visual overhaul. Help overhaul, Colour bars added
v1.4. Seagull can now only be found between the Cumulus and Thunderbolt, should solve the freezing issue
v1.3. Hitting the Bumblebee reveals up to five empty tiles (exact number depending on the player's score)
v1.2. Seagull is always at the same altitude as the Thunderbolt
v1.1. Upgraded the scoring system :)

This actually didn't take longer than usual (?!), at least not per se, since I've managed to work on some general game issues while polishing this piece:

-started a massive UI Overhaul for the main project (see those buttons? Yay!)
-VA casting's almost finished, two characters remaining (And I've got my eyes set on that one VA)
-Writing down all the characters' lines apart from Fluttershy (That's A LOT of lines)
-Working on musical score (Dynamically arranged melody, never twice the same!)

I'm looking forward to getting more stuff done ^_^


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Q: Is this game gonna be free or how much?
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